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Indians across the political spectrum, especially the countrys powerful nuclear weapons establishment, are critical of the NPT, arguing that it

Opportunities of a Problem

In addition, the classic version of problem-based learning “requires students to collaborate, formulate learning issues by determining factors that may

Bretton Woods: Still Relevant Fifty

As to Latin America and the Caribbean, those nations receive 27% of the committed portfolio for both IFC and MIGA;

Mexican Monarchy (French Intervention in

France could also control the flow of goods and services through Southern and Central America. The French saw their actions

Metes and Bounds: The History

Source: Hockett 1940:264 This land surveying method proved to be highly accurate, a feature that was in sharp contrast to

Widge From the Shakespeare Stealer

He feels guilty when he is copying the play and accidentally distracts the attention of the actor who is supposed

David Powlisons Book Seeing With

While Powlison may not agree with those approaches, he does acknowledge their existence. Therefore, in the second part of his

Teaching Students About the Eucharist

” Communicants are also required to fast in preparation to receive Communion. Currently, this requirement is a fast of one

Failure of Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen

To whom their respective representatives were politically beholden domestically (Goldfield, Abbott, & Argersinger, 2004). By the time of the Conference,


Section II: Andragogy Malcolm Knowles describes four assumptions of andragogy Discuss those four assumptions and the implications for the design,